• Are there any import duties when buying from MMSTORE?

    All orders are shipped from Sweden, which means that there are no duties for those buying from within EU. If you are shopping from outside EU, customs duties or other taxes may be added by your local Customs office. We recommend getting in touch with your local customs office if you need further ...
  • Can I get an autograph from Marcus & Martinus?

    We in mmstore.no are unfortunately not with Marcus & Martinus. We are therefore unable to obtain autographs for you. Emails about autographs will therefore not be answered.
  • Can't find your answer?

    Contact support@mmstore.no for any inquiries.
  • How long does it take before I receive my products?

    We attempt to send all products within 1-2 weeks. In periods with a lot of orders, this could take longer, but we will inform of any known delays on our online store. If there has been more than ten working days since you ordered and you still have not received your products, contact us at supp...
  • My card was declined

    MMSTORE will only decline a transaction if instructed to do so by your bank. This could be because you did not have sufficient funds in your account, the details you gave did not match the card, or because your card has been subject to unusual or suspicious activity. Some banks have limits plac...