• Gift cards

    When you order a gift card, it will be sent to the customer by email. The email contains: The gift card code, which you use in the shopping cart to redeem the gift card. A print button, to make a paper copy of the gift card. If you want to buy a gift card for someone else, you must forward this ...
  • Measurement chart

    All clothes are unisex unless otherwise stated. Ideally, use the size chart below and compare with a t-shirt you have at home to make sure you find the right size. Note: Minor deviations in measurements (1-2 cm) may occur. T-shirts | | | | | --- | --- | --- | | Size |  Body length (A) |...
  • When will items be back in stock?

    If the product is displayed in the online store as out of stock, it will usually be restocked. Products that have been removed completely from the online store will normally not return.